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George with Finished LumberWe are a custom mill that produces specialty wood cuts of all kinds.

We focus on producing #1 structurally sound boxed heart and free of heart timbers in a variety of species, as well as a wide range of dimensional lumber including construction grade, select tight knot, flat grain and edge grain clear.

We also mill T&G products up to 8" wide, decking (both ceiling and eased edge), beveled siding, and window & door trim stock.  Typically we cut  fir, cedar, spruce, hemlock, some birch, and most recently FSC certified plantation teak.  Other services include custom cutting, custom planing and kiln drying.


Happy Summer!

When it's this hot out we recommend that you keep your wood out of the direct sun to avoid excess checking.

Checking is inevitable; but with a little protection, it can be minimized.

We're open Monday to Friday

8 am - 4 pm


And new for 2014!

Ask us about our ability to grade stamp your wood!

Adapt or perish!